Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage – Kindle Energy Points, Regain Vitality

The Traditional Thai Massage is said to have been performed by monks for centuries as one of the principle parts of Thai medicine. You will still find ancient inscriptions on stones depicting this type of massage in the Wat Po temple, Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, these inscriptions are reconstructions of older drawings that were demolished by Burmese warriors when they invaded Ayuttaya, the former capital of Siam, as Thailand was known as during those times.

Ancient folk lore states that this massage was the creation of Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the Buddha’s physician, more than 2,500 years ago in India.

What Vedantaa Spa Offers

At Vedantaa Spa & Wellness, we offer the Traditional Thai Massage as a deep complete body treatment, which starts at the feet and steadily advances up to the head.

Our qualified therapists use gentle flowing exercise movements, whereby your body is stirred, slackened and stretched. They use their hands, legs, knees as well as feet, to stir you into a sequence of yoga-like stretches. Your joints are activated, muscles are compressed, and acupressure too is employed during the treatment.

The massage has its foundation in the energy flow within the body. It focuses on applying the right pressure on the 10 main energy points, traditionally called the sip-sen.