From the Chairman’s Desk

chairmanSuccess does not come to big people it comes from big ideas; which often come from the most unexpected places and circumstances. One visit to a spa in New Delhi and I got my big idea. Vedantaa Spa & Wellness started in few years providing authentic therapies, which has been ranked among the top five spa genres in the world.

With the spa industry rapidly growing, Through this it becomes clear rather quickly that, Vedantaa Spa & Wellness is not just one of the hundreds of spa and wellness centers that have sprung into existence in recent years. After this exciting start we plan to set up 100 spas by 2017.

Our spa therapists are professionally trained at our training academy to give you a scientific, friendly and outstanding spa experience. While our spas are unisex, our policy is to offer same-gender therapists only. Individual shower enclosures in each room and provision of disposable underclothes further ensure we maintain only the highest standards of hygiene and privacy.

At Vedantaa Spa & Wellness, we envision a world where our customers can successfully overcome the effects of modern-day mental and physical stress, relax, revive their energies, and most importantly, feel happy.

Our Vision

Our valued customers are at the core of everything we do – and this is reflected in Vedantaa Spa’s Vision.